Fresh Place

Google Benelux office Amsterdam

The Dutch restaurant concept La Place wants to become a global retail chain. Owner Sun Capital has the ambition to expand the brand. La Place has won the hearts and whet the appetites of millions of Dutch customers through all walks of life, young and old. Now La Place is hungry to conquer the hearts of consumers in Europe, USA, South East Asia and the Middle East. A La Place branded restaurant has opened in Googles New York office.




Unique insights

Over 28 years La Place has received international acclaim from food lovers, retail experts and competitors. Its restaurant and cafes promise freshly prepared products, front cooking, natural ingredients, local sourcing and dedicated staff. This book presents unique insights, based on extensive conversations with founder and food pioneer Paul Bringmann and ceo Bart van den Nieuwenhof. Additionally Google explains its vision on food why La Place helps the global brand give its employees fresh, healthy and nutritious food.

Dit boek is ook als e-book beschikbaar. Binnemkort volgt hier de bestellink. Prijs: € 4,99

Bibliografische gegevens

ISBN: 9789490085629
Titel: Fresh Place
Ondertitel: Why people love La Place
Auteurs: Rupert Parker Brady en Maarten Beernink
Vertaling: Josee Koning
Illustraties: Gerdien Keijser
Foto’s: Harrie Ligtvoet, La Place archief, Google
Uitvoering: softcover
Aantal pagina’s: 128
Afmeting: 148 mm breed x 210 mm hoog
Verschijningsdatum 1 januari 2015
Prijs: € 20,00




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